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UK Campaigns opposing GM

Ban GM Food New and very useful campaigning website against GM with lots of up to date info, action you can take, info on GM issues.

Soil Association UK organisation for organic farming, with briefings and reports on GM, including an assessment of GM potatoes

GM Free Cymru Campaigning for a GM free Wales.

GM Free Scotland Campaigning for a GM free Scotland.

GM Freeze A campaign representing NGOs, unions, religious and consumer groups. Lots of up to date information and campaigning materials.

Genewatch GeneWatch UK is a public interest group which aims to ensure that genetic technologies are developed and used in the public interest, and in a way which promotes human health, protects the environment and respects human rights and the interests of animals. Website includes briefings on GM and a searchable GM crops database.

Genetic Engineering Network A bit out of date, but lots of resources for people wanting to oppose genetic engineering, or just to learn more.

Pesticide Action Network UK UK branch of an international network campaigning to eliminate the hazards of pesticides. Useful information on the pesticide activities of Syngenta, Bayer and Monsanto.

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Worldwide campaigns opposing GM

Here are some links to the hundreds of organisations that are fighting GM around the world. For more links have a look at www.bangmfood.org/global-links.

Grain International non-governmental organisation which promotes the sustainable management and use of agricultural biodiversity based on people's control over genetic resources and local knowledge. Lots of information on the global south. Grain also have an interesting compilation of articles and links about resistance to GM in the developing world.

ASEED - Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Diversity A European network campaigning on environmental and social justice issues including GM.

EarthFirst! Direct action without leaders to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces responsible for the detsruction of the Earth.

European NGO network on genetic engineering Includes listings of GM-Free Zones around the world and country specific information.

GM Free Ireland Comprehensive info on a GM potato developed by BASF. In 2006, the company abandoned attempts to trial this potato in Ireland when strict conditions were imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. Instead they applied to trial it in Britain where the government was more accomodating.

La Soja Mata - Soy kills International site with lots of info on the impact of GM soya on peasant farmers and the environmentally destructive effects of monoculture soy growing

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Sustainable farming and positive alternatives

The Permaculture Association Information on designing sustainable systems of food and living.

Garden Organic National charity for organic food growing and research.

The Vegan Organic Network

FARM Farmers' union promoting sustainable farming.

Soil Association Information on Organic farming.

Via Campesina A global movement of small farmers working towards gender equality, food sovereignty and smallscale, sustainable agriculture.


Action News

Biotech Indymedia News on GM and protests from around the world.

EarthFirst! Action news and reports