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Useful Resources


Fliers and Posters

  • Download and print our flier.

  • Excellent info leaflets on GM are available for download from Ban GM Food.


Audio clips on GMThe grim reaper takes a scythe to GM maize



  • Seeds of Deception exposing corporate and government lies about the safety of genetically engineered food by Jeffrey M. Smith.

    This briliant book has a foreword by former UK Environment Minister Michael Meacher MP who said it "combines shrewd dissection of the true nature of GM technology, a devastating critique of the health and environmental hazards of GM crops, and scarifying examples of the manipulation of both science and the media by the biotech industry. It is a call to arms, not only to prevent the contamination of the nation's food supply, but even more to tackle the poisoning of the nation's decision-making system by the undercover wielding of economic and financial muscle and PR manipulativeness of Big Biotech."

    Available in Britain from Green Books.



  • Who benefits from GM crops? Report by Friends of the Earth revealing Monsanto's (failed) plan to genetically modify all of Europe's maize by 2010. The report concludes that in the ten years since the introduction of genetically modified (GM) foods in Europe, the biotech industry has failed to deliver any benefits for consumers or the environment, and has not played any role in solving hunger and poverty.

  • GM Freeze report on Animal Feed and GM.

Soil Association reports on GM

  • Telling porkies - the big fat lie about doubling food production This report reveals that claims that we need to double global food production by 2050, or 50% by 2030, are wrong.

  • Silent Invasion: The hidden use of GM in livestock An investigation into the use of GM animal feed which finds that large quantities are being used in the UK to produce our food. This means that most of the non-organic milk, dairy products and pork sold in the UK is from GM-fed animals.

  • Land of the GM-free A briefing on the launch of a major new non-GM labelling initiative in the US, the latest on US farmers rejection of new GM crops and the staggering collapse in the market for Monsanto's GM milk hormone.

  • GM crops - the health effects An investigation into the health effects of GM crops as it begins to emerge that if they are fed to animals, small amounts of GM material appear in the resulting meat and dairy products.