Human genetic modification may sound like it belongs in the world of science fiction. However, modern research has made this controversial practice achievable. Molecular engineering involves directly manipulating the genomes of human embryos. This allows genes to be edited in any manner the scientist deems fit. There has been a huge amount of debate over the ethical implications of this.

Cosmetic augmentation is completely different. It allows people to achieve their dream body shape through surgical procedures. For example, Motiva breast implants are very popular because they give women the ability to choose what they look like. This in turn leads to increased overall confidence.

The Key Differences

The most important difference is that genetic modification takes place before a human being has even been born. The scientist can adjust certain characteristics in order to create a tailor made embryo. This could include aesthetic elements such as choosing the eye or hair colour.

Cosmetic surgery instead requires patients to wait until they are of legal age. They can then decide which parts of their body they wish to change. They will often choose breast augmentation from Motiva so that they can attain their dream figure. Modern breast implants are perfect for achieving body positivity in patients who feel they deserve a better body. Cosmetic procedures offer similar possibilities as genetic modification but without the inherent moral implications.

Ethical Concerns

Whilst some scientists have embraced gene editing as a potentially useful form of technology there has been a significant amount of debate as to whether it is ethically correct. When it comes to plants and animals selective breeding has allowed for the perfecting of desired crops and livestock. However, when these practices are used on human genetics, there are plenty of issues worth discussing. Many people within religious communities argue that it is playing with God. Meanwhile, the high cost means that genetic modification services may only be available to the wealthy.

The Elimination of Genetic Disorders

On the other hand, there are some benefits to gene editing. Throughout the generations, human beings have passed inherited disorders onto their children. Some are debilitating or even life threatening. Genetic modification can help to eliminate some of the worst hereditary conditions. This would mean that future generations could have better health and quality of life.

The Advantages of Augmentation

If the problems faced by people are aesthetic in nature, then there is no need to go down the genetic modification route. Instead, they should opt for a safe and reliable cosmetic service. Motiva allows its clients to discuss what they want with medical professionals. A plan is then created to help them achieve their goal. There are plenty of advantages to breast augmentation: clothes will have a better fit and the implants will feel comfortable and natural. Perhaps the most important end result is the positive effect that cosmetic surgery has on the psychology of patients.